Aphrodite Goddess Tour May 2020!
Cyprus Sacred Sites and Aphrodite Temples

Cyprus, Isle of Aphrodite, has a fascinating history due to it’s geology and geographical position in the “Levant’, the Eastern Mediterranean, a crossing point between, and melting pot of the cultures of three continents; Europe, Asia and Africa. We will be focusing on the earlier, Goddess sites of this fascinating island, visiting both Hellenistic Greek and Roman remains, as well as Chalcolithic and Bronze age sacred sites to Aphrodite (though She was then known by different names and had very different forms to what we have come to think of Her as being).

Staying just outside of Paphos, during this Goddess tour for women and men, we will walk in the footsteps of Goddess loving ancestors and sacred sexual priestesses, visit Temples and musea, do ceremony, as well as have beach time and see stunning Roman ruins, mosaics and beautiful nature.

We will connect to our ancient heritage, which Aphrodite as Goddess of Cypress enables: of love between men and women, of priestesses and empowerment, of joy, sacredness of the body, sacredness of all life, and wisdom of the Goddess of Love. We will celebrate with elemental ceremony and deep connection to the Ancestors and Goddess of this sacred land.



Arriving 20th May late pm Paphos airport, departing 27th May late pm Paphos airport.
English spoken tour, reasonable mobility essential. Walking shoes/sandals and sun cream use advised.

Cost £777.- / € equivalent per person
Price includes: travel in Cyprus, English guiding, shared accommodation, ceremonies, and program of sacred site visits.

Not included: Flights to and from Paphos: flights need to be co-ordinated arrival and departure times to fit with the pilgrimage schedule or alternative transport to and from we are staying becomes the responsibility/arrangement and cost of the individual.
Historical/sacred site and museum entrance, food, travel/personal insurance and spending money.


Non Refundable Deposit of £222.- secures your place, payable as soon as possible
Full payment ( £555.- after deposit) by 1st April 2020. Full cancelation fee payable after 1st April 2020
Programme subject to change as organiser sees fit.

Tour programme info

From the earliest hunter gatherer settlers (from around 8000 BCE), to the first settled agricultural communities, a unique gynocentric Goddess culture evolved, with life/death/rebirth fertility focus, which we can interpret from their choice of sacred sites and imagined ceremonial rites associated with these.

Cyprus is rich in minerals and metals, and so had important copper and gold resources, leading to the Copper (or Chalcolithic) Age 4000 to 2400 BCE. During this time, circular houses in settlements we can still visit today, near sacred water sources have given us many Goddess statues that speak of birthing / life giving Goddesses and fertility ceremonies deeply rooted in the sacredness of the meeting of earth and water.

The early Goddess Temples ruins of Kouklia (old Paphos), where the Sanctuary of the Goddess was continuously occupied from 2400BCE, and were the Sacred Sexual Priestesses and Priests served in Her triple layered initiation rites.
We will feel the stones of the Bronze age sanctuary and see the wide cultural range of additional temples that have stood on this site until Byzantium times.
In the museum on site is the very powerful, early form of Aphrodite, which will make sense of the supposed birthplace according to Hellenistic mythology, and it s powerful initiation to visit.

Aphrodite’s Rock at Petra tou Romiou is where She, as ocean born Goddess of Love and beauty, is supposed to have come ashore. We will visit and (weather permitted) swim here, making ceremony on the beach and leaving an offering of pebble hearts… like so many people here still do in Her honour.

We will visit the spectacular site of ancient Kourion, an other world famous Aphrodite site in it’s time, high on the cliffs, overlooking the blue sea. We will visit the Greek theatre (perhaps you want to test the amazing acoustics and give us a rendition), and fabulous Roman villa remains ,with mosaics Cyprus was renowned for in all of the ancient world. The ancient Temple grounds are emotionally deep and rich in architecture.

We will also have time at the Hylatis (Ylatis)/ Apollo sanctuary, which, unlike the Aphrodite site, is much less earthquake damaged, and has still the atmosphere of the true sanctuaries of the Goddess and God of the ancestors in this sacred land. The ancient sacred garden in which the fertility and sacred sexual rites were ceremonially held and honoured, are still there to be felt and seen, the mystery opens and time stops when our feet fall in the footsteps of our ancestor selves who visited or dwelt here.
Kourion was one of our favorite sites when we visited this summer and I can’t wait to share it with you. Time and guards allowing, we will do ceremony here.

Amathus, with the extraordinary Aphrodite Temple complex that incorporates different layers left as interpretation of Her form and energy by all the cultures of the Mediterranean ancient world, from Adriadnean Crete to Egyptian Hathor, Phoenician Astarte and Roman Venus. We will do ceremony here, high on the hill overlooking the old harbour and town of Aphrodite Amathus and visit Lemesos archeological museum. We will also have beach time to relax and integrate our experiences.

Paphos world heritage site, ancient city and harbour, will take us all day to walk around and visit the extraordinary Roman, Greek and Persian treasures. The Temples are less impressive here compared to the villas with mosaic floors that shine as bright now as when they were laid down in ancient times. We will have free time to explore the city and time to be on the beach weather permitting in the afternoon, or walk around the streets of the old town and have a drink by the busy harbour.

Choirokitia, the best displayed Neolithic settlement of the island, is a possible stop on out day tour to Lefkosia, the divided capital of Cyprus. Here the medieval walled city is one of the few, if not the only, place on earth now where a wall divides two warring nations. We will visit the ancient city primarily for it’s archeological museum, where the richest Goddess statues collection on the island is kept. From the early (pre Helenistic) Myceanaean city states of Marion and Salamis, where some of the riches of fallen Troy were kept, the amazing array of cultural offerings and pottery left by the various cultures from Neolithic settlers, to Assyrian, from Minoan in celebration of the Goddess, to the tomb finds of Salamis , this is a museum not to be missed.
There will also be free time to explore this fascinating city, perhaps visiting a proper Hammam in the east of the city (prices from €30 to €120 per person, depending on treatments).

During our tour, we will stay in Paphos, in simple self-catering apartments, with a communal pool and easy access to the Tomb of the Kings site on the coast and ‘Light house beach’ (700mts walk) for swimming.
A snack bar for drinks and light snacks is available at the accommodation, which is in shared rooms and includes kitchenette and bathroom. Nearby restaurants provide dinner and breakfast options. Some meals we will have as whole group so we can share our impressions, but there is also always time to have space alone or in smaller numbers for mealtimes.

To book your place: email Katinka info@herpathoflove.com

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I hope that we can connect either via a session, a workshop, a training, a ceremony or in the dance! I am travelling on a regular basis so if you don’t hear from me straight away, it is very likely I am at a place where there is no wi-fi connection. However I do check my emails regularly so I will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.