Dragon Energy Integration

Stand with your feet hip width apart, knees slightly bend. Turn to the East: breathe in a gentle continuous rhythm, breathing in as soon as you’ve breathed out and out as soon as you finish the in breath.

Feel the aliveness of presence within you rising and intensifying with each breathe, allow the greater aliveness to awaken within you with each breath, let it melt your spine into liquid delight.
Enjoy the sensation of your spine and hips beginning to want to snake and move, circle and sway. Imagine and feel Kundalini snake dancer move in your body as you breathe the fire of Her double flame: Fire of sun and Earth, Moon and Star, of the joined twin -dark and bright- flame of Rhiannon.

Start breathing this fire into your body, into the bowl of your pelvis as a horizontal figure of 8, an infinity loop. From it’s centre, as it fills and flows over the edges of the bowl of the pelvis, up your spine, through your heart, to the base of your skull and down your tailbone, through your sex, into your legs and feet in another great upright figure of 8 moving in the body. Let the body sway and move, circle and snake with the movement of energy as you breath in the fire of life and awaken your sexual source fire.

Now extend the figure of 8 loop, down through the soles of the feet into the deep fire heart of the Earth, finding Dragon energy to connect to and ground and sustain yourself in.Connect the figure of 8 loop up into the crown and out to the cosmic dragon energy of the stars, nurturing and inspiring you. Ask the fire of Dragon alive in your body, connected to the cosmic and earth Dragons to guide you to where in your being you would hide or pretend and escape the full aliveness of your sexual life force. Ask to be shown how your desire distorts and is suppressed and deadened or twisted into addictive obsessive excess. Breathe more aliveness and the fire of presence, and gently allowing it to melt and awaken those places.

Feel the double helix of the figure 8 spinning and extending, feel the space open from inside you, the gateway of radiance blossoming out from your heart and the bowl of your pelvis. Feel this expanding your being in all directions, the gateway of Her presence within you opening. Ask for the blessings of the Goddess.

You may want to say the Pathfinder/Explorer archetype prayer which is along the lines of this:

“Lady, guide my way, light my destiny and illuminate my path so I may find and walk it in service to You with joy and ease. Lady, I offer you my life’s flame, my spirit fire and my flame of full desire, May you be alight in me, May your radiance fill my being.”

Come to rest, pulling the energy inwards, allow the liquid light into your cells and feel the freedom of Dragon power and presence entering the deep core of your cells and being.
Feel the dance of life as pleasure in your body. Give thanks and dance as joyously as you can in gratitude and as a celebration of how life and Goddess presence chooses to manifest in you in this moment.

End by sending the energy to where it may serve, touch the ground with your palms, head or body. Remember who you are.

May we all remember the hidden wisdom of Goddess, be it in Her Dragon aspect or in one of Her many archetypical forms She calls to us most strongly in.

Rhiannon Adoration Audio

At any time we are invited into intimacy, into devotion and connection with the Goddess of Love. May this adoration of Rhiannon guide you into deeper connection to Her and into gratitude for all She is and gives


Rhiannon Visualisation Meditation

(Audio recording below, at the end of this copy)

At any time we are invited into intimacy, into devotion and connection with the Goddess of Love.  No matter what is happening for us in our inner or outer lives, She is always with us, gently guiding us into the enquiry “what love would do’, especially at times when we are least able or willing to feel into or hear that question resonating, She is present for us to merge and become one with.

She whom we may serve and follow as Rhiannon; She is the wild passionate rider between the worlds, as well as the still never failing heart’s flame of the centre.

Oh Beloved Goddess of sensuality, aliveness, passion, fertility, connection, love and transformation: Rhiannon, You are Sovereign Great Queen, Enchantress of the Soul Song, Path-finding, Kundalini Dancing, Deep Diver of the mysteries.

To She who is the pink dawning of hope and the exquisite blossoming of beauty, She who is adorned with red sunset and with the starlight of the heavens, Her eyes the gateway of surrender and forgiveness, Her kiss the sweet smile of bliss and belonging, Her sacred yoni the undoing and becoming of all desire, to You I sing endless praises.

To She who is the liquid song of love that pours from the throat of blackbird and human, moan of bliss in the flight of love making, deep rest in the peace between breath and between all things ending and beginning. To She, that Great One of Love who changes grief to joy and ends suffering, who takes the pain of longing and gives the gift of unimagined ecstasy in the fullness of the heart, to you Goddess I bow and bow again.

Lady, Goddess, Rhiannon, Oh Red Dakini of Love and wisdom, holder of the lantern of illumination, You who teach the Path of Love through the compassionate truth of the body, I offer my being.

Her love transforms, Her presence heals, Her sweetness is the breath of ocean and of fragrant summer breeze, perfumed by gardenia, lilac and roses, soft lover’s touch, taste of honey and dark wine, Her radiance warms the Earth into it’s greatest flowering. All of nature sings Your praises.

The following visualisation is an invitation to you to make time to meet, adore and become present to your own relationship to Her, for Her, with Her and through Her be more loving – and more open to receive love – in all aspects of your life.

Prepare yourself by cleansing with the elements, perhaps by stepping outside and noticing the light, the sky scape, the taste of the wind, the sounds of nature and the colours of the plants and land around you, or by dancing.

You could also start your meditation time with Rhiannon by pampering your body, increasing the sensual aliveness of your being, noticing or becoming aware how you are feeling in every part of your body (even if you are not feeling anything in parts) and expanding your sensitive aliveness so that you create sacred space from within to all around you. You might like to do this perhaps with taking a bath, or anointing your body with blessing oil, brushing your hair and teeth, veiling yourself or putting a special cloth around you, or in which ever way makes you feel comfortable, making yourself feel good. Find quiet space in which you can relax, be undisturbed and still. Placing a mirror in front of you, light your candle and incense as offerings to Her, saying your prayers, or invocation, or just telling Her what is in your heart today and your wish to feel and be in Her presence.

Close your eyes and ground yourself, taking some deep breaths, focusing your attention on the delicious sensation of air in your nostrils, flowing down into your lungs and the warm moist air that you breath back out. Send your energy down into the earth and up towards the heavens. Become aware of how you are sitting or standing and the contact your body has with Her Earth. Become aware of the Earth holding you as you sit or stand in this moment, the total support of all of life for you in this moment in this journey of meditation.

Notice any birds that are singing, the buzzing of insects, the sound of rain, feel the air, the sunshine or breeze caress your skin. Breathe into your heart and allow it to open, imagine your heart chakra opening like a beautiful flower. See/feel its petals unfolding, relaxing, and opening.

Speaking Her name ‘Rhiannon’ on every breath, singing or sounding Her sound name, the vowels of Her name (I_E_O), see/feel/visualize Her radiance before you as a bright light in which you can slowly begin to see Her form: a beautiful Lady on a white horse coming towards you. Notice what She looks like to you.

As She stops and dismounts in front of you and you, feel Her presence surrounding you and Her radiance intensifies, while not becoming brighter, so that you can see clearly and are filled with the sensation of Her light.

You stand before Her and look into Her eyes, feel Her love for you.

Feel all your chakras opening to Her loving energy. Breathe Her energy in, open up to the flow of Her love. Feel yourself filled with love, with Her energy, which floods your whole body and energetic being, pouring into you, into each of your cells, igniting the radiance of your essence. Notice it’s colour, notice how it feels as it begins to pour out of you, out of your cells, whole body and out of all your chakras as well.  Keep looking into Her loving eyes, allowing yourself to receive Her love for you.

Allow your body to sway, to move with the Rhiannon energy that is flowing into and out of you, circle your hips, snake your pelvis, move your chest, slowly move your limbs. After a while, come to stillness again and bath in the continual flow of Rhiannon’s loving radiance.

At some point, when you feel ready, open your eyes and look into the mirror, into the eyes of the Goddess, look at the beautiful body radiating love in front of you: see the Goddess in your form, Rhiannon incarnate in your body. See who you really are, marvel at your true beauty, your radiance, and love yourself.

After a while, close your eyes again and feel yourself once more surrounded and filled with Her loving radiance. Thank Rhiannon, Goddess of love; speak your hearts desire, your devotion and love to Her. Hear /feel Her reply and blessing. See and feel Her presence leave you, as She becomes radiance of great intensity and beauty. Noticing the felt colour and ground and center yourself in the space you’re in, feeling your body as it sits or stands, taking some deep breaths and stretching out your arms and legs before opening your eyes.

Give thanks to Rhiannon, offering your love and all that is within your day in service to Her and close your meditation space in a way that feels appropriate to you.

You can listen to this guided visualisation meditation here:



Hypogeum, underground temple toning. Malta

This is a very special sound clip in which we toned our prayers in honour of the ancestors.  It was recorded in the deep echoing sanctum of the Hypogeum, underground Goddess temple of Malta, decorated with spirals and pomegranates in red ochre, a place of dreaming and rebirth. Enjoy!


Universal flow of life breath practice

pic 3If you are a woman, start with breathing into your ovaries.
If you are a man, breath into your testicles.

What this means is that you bring your full attention and presence, your loving compassion with every in and out breath to your sacred source, the place where your creative source fire resides in your body. Imagine that you are actually breathing into this place in your body. As you breathe, know that with every breath you are inviting the blessing of life, the gift of your unique form expressing in creation to be more welcome, more at home and present in your body. Feel the in breath as beautiful light enlivening the ovaries or testicles, allowing the energy to flow in, to relax the tissues with every out breath. Start to move your hips slightly with every breath, as if the flow of energy is moving your body, tucking your tail under (as if sitting on a bar stool) on the outbreath and tipping the pelvis forward (sticking your bum out slightly) on the in breath. Feel the life force meeting the light of your ovaries/testicles and enjoy the sensation if you can, relaxing into it with every out breath. Feel and see the star like pearly light, cool and bright or hot and calm, silvery that is within this part of you, spinning more and more with every breath you take as you allow your attention to be with this magical source place in yourself. Notice if one side of your ovaries or testicles appears brighter, more ‘hot’ or active or dimmer, depleted then the other. Don’t judge, just notice. Keep breathing. Now start with the in breath and outbreath to breathe the energy of the light, or the dimness from one side to the other, connecting both ovaries or testy in a horizontal figure of 8. Feel and relax into the flow of this movement in your body, still rocking the pelvis backward and forward with the in and out breath. Allow yourself to really be with the beauty of this amazing energy. This is the energy that spins the stars, that turns the universe and that creates energy as light and life. Enjoy the softness of this power and connect deeply to the delicious feeling of the figure 8 flow of stellar light of the source in your body. Now, with the next in breath, move the center of the figure of 8 upwards, reaching all the way to your heart, let the pearly starlight nurture your heart and let your heart’s flame of love enliven the figure of eight flow. With the next out breath, extend the flow from the midpoint down to your root chakra (your perineum, penis, and/or soles of your feet). Notice how the fire of your root, your desire and creative expressiveness is enlivened and supported by the original figure of 8. Notice the connective flow between the heart and root, between the ovaries and testicles and the midpoint of both figures of 8 in your being. Allow yourself to become this movement of the upright (vertical) and horizontal figures of 8 and breath in gratitude, breath out love, for all that you are and for all that manifests through you. For the great potential contained within you and for your connection to Source, to Goddess. Breath out love, breath in gratitude. End by placing your right hand on your heart and your left hand on your ovaries/womb or testicles/root. Feel the enlivened energy of your body, the song of life dancing within you. Take a moment to decide how you want to move with and what you choose to manifest with that energy today, in this moment. Notice the stillness in your body, and the delicious swirling of life. Know that nothing is impossible if you place your full intention in the source of the universal flow in your being. Thank yourself and your body in a way appropriate for you.


Soft power and full desire exercise

Here’s a taste of some of the practices that help you feel and begin to become intimate with your ‘soft power and full desire’. This next exercise is designed to increase the experience of life/sexual energy as ecstatic in your being. To become accustomed to containing more energy by remaining charged and relaxed, while postponing discharge and contraction.

In a space you feel comfortable and safe, honour your body and find pleasure in your senses. You are inviting an increase in the overall energy level of your being as well as in your sexual energy, and stretch your capacity to contain charge, rather then needing to ‘do’ anything with it.
Come to as high a level of charge, of excitation, including in your sex, without climaxing or tensing your muscles. In other words, stay just this side of the orgasmic wave, but keep bringing your breath to help you stay relaxed and expanding rather then contracting and tensing. Then stop and wait for an hour, without contracting physically, emotionally, mentally. Give yourself permission to be with what is for you in your body. Be relaxed and surrendered. Turn your attention to the energy in your body, and beyond your body if you like, and allow that energy to move as freely as you can. Lie still, or move, make sound, sing, dance. During this time the energy may disperse away from the genitals, bringing the whole body to a higher energy level. After an hour, continue to climax if you wish to”.

This exercise brings us up again and again to the limit of what we can now contain without discharging, and asks us to stay there, relaxed, for some time. Eventually this can develop into an experience called dwelling in the valley of orgasm, which is an experiential way to dance with your Soft Power. 

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