Individual sacred sexuality and tantric massage therapy sessions for women

Tantric massage therapy is a sacred healing practice based on ancient techniques and wisdom, combined with therapeutic and bodywork methods of many traditions, and redefined for our age and time. It works with the life/sexual energy of the whole body, honouring the entire being, awakening the senses, releasing blocked energy and bringing greater joy, eroticism, sensitivity, expansion and aliveness to all the levels of your being.

This space is held by Katinka to feel deeply into the radiance of the Feminine, to shadow hunt the places where we would act and protect from our wounding and stay small, closed down, rather then hold and become the greatest free flowing, open, surrendered essence that is the gift of the Goddess within us all.

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The sessions work in many ways, on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual plane and involve body work, breath and tantric meditations, intimacy coaching, conscious touch, shamanic healing and embodiment of Goddess. It is deeply honouring of the person you are and helps to heal the blocked flow of love and sexual energy in your body which can express and be experienced as lack of desire, sexual frustration, repression of the authentic self and resentment towards others, loss of creativity, dis-ease or pain in the body, as well as a general lack of joy in life.

The Mysteries which is Goddess in our female body holds all the wisdom, healing and ecstatic home coming we could ever hope for already within. This is the power of your sacred source place; the connection between your creative energy flow, the joyful dance of the life force in you and your heart’s flame. Deep in the core of your body, the gateway into the reclaiming of the Radiance of the Devine Feminine that is yours awaits to illuminate your life’s path.

women loveTantric massage therapy can show you the way to this path as it allows you to work on deep issues and wounding often stuck for many years, and bring healing by releasing deep tissue memory. The experience of your own life force energy as sacred allows for the realization of who you are to be deeply integrated and is deeply honouring of the person you are. In sessions we will be guided by the body’s memory and energy, always held in sacred, loving space. The benefits of Tantric massage therapy and sacred sexuality sessions are experienced in the healing of relationship and self confidence issues, in the letting go of resentment and projection which can cloud all the experiences of relating, address sexual issues, often felt to be dis-functions of the body, enhance authenticity, and offer a place to practice presence and surrender and to rediscover Love.

Sessions guide gently into experiencing the potential of all you can be already present in this moment now. They may involve yoni massage but usually center around different touch, as well as breath, movement, energy healing and soul retrieval as well as embodiment of Goddess and the experience of your sensual sexual energy freely flowing in your body.

Yoni Massage is always only part of a longer Sacred Sexuality session, when and if needed.

Yoni, meaning Sacred Source is a place that is often not honoured, seen, visited with respect for her wisdom and beauty or thought of with any positivity by most modern Western women. Yoni Massage rituals are a way back into Tantric awareness and into the ancient women ways, honouring the body wisdom of our sacred source.

Yoni Massage is a deeply honouring healing practice working within a sacred held space within strong boundaries and guided by the permission of the body, allowing to feel and access often unconscious or denied emotions stored in the cellular memory of the tissues.      glasto flow forms

When something is emotionally too intense for us, we put something of this experience away. However important to our immediate survival this may be, resisting the fullness of our experiences hurts. Numbness, emotional confusion and hypersensitivity are the usual results. The ability to suppress difficult feelings is valuable for survival. It is imperative for our mental stability and emotional maturity though, to revisit and face our feelings. We generally do not do this. To clear the pasts influences completely, to be free from unconscious anger and frustrations, and to be fully alive in your body takes courage and commitment. Yoni Massage provides an opportunity for this kind of work.

With dedication and honouring what is, we follow the aliveness of the body to guide it to release, to allow feeling. Emotion then can be fully experienced in the being and body, and the yoni becomes the gateway into the conscious experience of pleasure, ecstasy and the sacred she actually is. This truth can often be surprising, it sets you free from the need to suppress, and more importantly, frees you from the consequences of that suppression in your body and life.


This work is a gift to your self and through you to your relationships and interactions with others. It may expands you into states of ecstatic bliss and often allows you to relax into a state of orgasmic trance, where your whole body is experienced as erotic. Sacred Sexuality and Tantric Massage Therapy helps women to experience orgasmic energy, kundalini or life force in their body and assists surrender into a state of bliss. Deeply honouring and a powerful healing way of working with your sexuality.

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I hope that we can connect either via a session, a workshop, a training, a ceremony or in the dance! I am travelling on a regular basis so if you don’t hear from me straight away, it is very likely I am at a place where there is no wi-fi connection. However I do check my emails regularly so I will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.