Restore Intimate Communication

When connection breaks down

When connection breaks down, underlying, long-term issues are trying to communicate through the interactions of the every day. This is mis-communication and feels very dissatisfying. What is happening is that the mirror of your love relationships tries to show you the patterns inside you which hold you back from being who you really are. This is difficult to see and be with in a way that is loving and that has clarity in the entangled energy of a committed relationship.

When we feel un-heard or un-seen, misunderstood and under appreciated, our hearts close a little. We put on the shielding, find defensive ways of being with each other and experience lack of trust. Scornful thoughts and power struggles play out in all aspects of your relationship. These behaviours hurt and ultimately create more distance and lack of intimacy.

Intimate Communication couples sessions are the space for you to step into what it is you actually want, to drop the shield and defensive weapons and go for the gold of your relationship, to experience intimate communication and loving support in a safe held space. This requires courage and the willingness to do the work. Your partner can not ‘do it for you’, and long played out patterns of rescue and dis-empowerment need to be seen and challenged.  Not being heard often actually means that the other hears you but doesn’t agree. Not being seen often means you are afraid to be authentic and currently hide who you are. Having nothing in common anymore usually means having a very co-dependant relationship.

Shadow Hunting and Ceremony

Intimate communication sessions consist of talking and energy work including processes such as soul healing and deep integration work. These sessions are transformational and experiential. They are your opportunity to get very honest with yourself and each other.


I offer the container for you to be held in that process and to be assisted in shadow-hunting the places in you that contribute, collude, create and are invested in your relationship’s troubling stuck patterns. We work with ceremony to drop through years of resentment or anger and find the common ground on which your attraction and love was, and is, build. The sessions allow the process of dis-association (the opposite of co-dependancy), non violent communication, loving intent and forgiveness using soul-healing, shadow hunting, empowerment, crucible process and other psycho-theraputic techniques.

Please get in touch with Katinka for further details or to book your first session and start the journey into renewed intimate communication with your love partner today.

“Dear Katinka, after our sessions with you, which were challenging but so helpful, we just wanted to let you know that we got married last week, with our lovely children present, and are finding ourselves growing in love. I don’t think this would have been possible without your help in guiding us into working through some of our woundings and issues and the tips you gave on how to stay present and surrendered. We are so grateful! Best wishes”
Julie and Kevin

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Keep in Touch

I hope that we can connect either via a session, a workshop, a training, a ceremony or in the dance! I am travelling on a regular basis so if you don’t hear from me straight away, it is very likely I am at a place where there is no wi-fi connection. However I do check my emails regularly so I will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.