Newsletter December 2014

Misty milky moonlight, wood smoke and fire works

The cold clear night draws it’s dark cloak around the town and the season turns into remembrance, empty bare bones and release. Deep dreaming ancestral altars holds the stillness in silver peace, while glowing candles illuminate the gold that hides within. These are Dragon days for me, and Star Seed nights, incubating intention, and something so subtle is shifting; I’m seeing the longed for and hopeful endings of some very boring old patterns. This is the time, there is no better time than NOW.
As the Solstice and the end of a solar year cycle approaches, I wish you all a wonderful arising of the awakened Meliorist within. A Meliorist is she or he who acts and beliefs in our human ability to improve and heal the world as co-creators with the Divine. In the darkest part of the year it may be hard to feel into this great and powerful potential of soul journey wanting to manifest through us. Paradoxically it is also when it is most real.

pic 2This is the time of stillness and empty void between the ending of things and the start of the new cycle, the formless which contains all potential form. All of nature at this time teaches us to surrender into ‘not knowing’ so we can become that which wants to manifest through us. So that we may drop into the Dreaming, where roots protect dormant growth and sleeping seeds hold safe all the potential of our becoming. And so, in the moonless long cold nights the illumination of starlight is brightest, for we have within our cells the dust of distant constellations and our souls know the great mysteries of the stars. We connect to this star-seed energy within, which is the igniting life force of our source, which spins within our DNA and is attuned to the movement of the galactic dance we are a part of, in the dark days of winter solstice.

“One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul. Soul on deck shines like gold in dark times. The light of the soul throws sparks, can send up flares, builds signal fires, causes proper matters to catch fire. To display the lantern of soul in shadowy times like these – to be fierce and to show mercy toward others; both are acts of immense bravery and greatest necessity. Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it. If you would help to calm the tumult, this is one of the strongest things you can do.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes

May we continue the journey to create and hold the Healthy Village of the MotherWorld inside us and in all our relationships.

Creating conscious relationships, isn’t this such an alive theme running in so many places in so many of us at this time? I am feeling my own journey this whole year around the deepening and owning of both my unashamed shine, my disempowered neediness, my calm yes and peaceful no, my full desire and soft power.

pic 3This greater authenticity and owning of my shadow has and is continuing to influence my work and teaches a deeper way of guiding the remembering of Goddess, such as the Soft Power, Full Desire online program coming in the new year, and the practices of the Priestess of Rhiannon Year 3 Training. I am seeing this awakening to be more real reflected in so many fellow travellers on the Path of Love in many lands and places. Thank you all for being my mirror, for being my supporting voices of beauty and for being the challengers. 
It must be a sign of the times dear ones, the work ahead is asking us to step up. At this time of reflection and rest, may we all rise to the challenge of the shadow hunt, the dark weave, the illumination and the rebirthing of luminous radiance. There is so much joy here! And we are held by the Great Beings who walk with us with loving presence and bright star-like guidance.

“ Whatever you are meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible” Doris Lessing

The last months have been blessed with much travel and groups in many places, some part of the ending of a year long journey we have shared, some the beginning of a new cycle of sister- or brotherhood.

pic 24Universal flow of life breath practice

Click here for this resource


Switzerland/ Winterthur

In Switzerland the Brotherhood of Rhiannon year through the 9 houses of the Path of the Lover has come to an end. The magic and privilege of witnessing and holding the last 2 weekends of this year long training are particularly moving for me. The House of Death and the Crone has us walking into the center of the labyrinth and face what lies within in a Death Lodge ceremony. There is something so beyond words or expression when, as priestess of Rhiannon, I get to embody Her Love to such an extend that the blue print of love in the body itself is re-written. It is such an honour sharing time with these brothers, and I feel unbelievably privileged in what I get to do and be. The last House of this training contains a Crowning ceremony. I am filled with hope and gratitude when watching the beautiful men of the Brotherhood of Rhiannon spiraling out of the Labyrinth through bright light and deep shadow, walking into new life. I bow in respect and love witnessing them claiming their Realm: the returning of the King archetype, fully embraced, integrated and owned by trail-blazing men of the Goddess. ‘Now come the days of the King, may they be blessed!’ Gandalf the White, Lord of the rings.

The next Brotherhood of Rhiannon, Path of the Lover training will start in April 2015 in the UK, Glastonbury. See here for more details.

pic 5pic 4

Czech Republic

Samhain and the beginning of November held many gifts: the fire dance of loving energy in my body, like the exploding flowers of light in the sky on the 5th, is ecstatic ignition of cells with radiance. Blessings of home and rest, connection and beloved family, such sweet contrast to the joy of travel, both, like the opposite ends of the spiral, a part of Her wisdom journey unwinding and spinning me. Holding Dark Mirror of the Crone workshops both in Italy and in Switzerland, as well as a La Que Saba Crone Goddess wisdom and memory 3 day workshop in the Czech republic, here together with Katka Kramolisova, was very in tune with the energy of the season. Having priestessed in the Glastonbury Crone Goddess Conference together with Katka, holding the North West, the direction of the Crone Keridwen on our Avalonean wheel, it was a completion of a circle of energy and a joy to be working together as sister priestesses again. There is something particularly sweet about holding the space and bringing the work together, flowing between different style and experiences we each contribute, co-creating a richly transformative experience of the love and grace of the Crone Goddess for all the women who came. Thank you for all the women trusting their own heart to enter Her cave and be transformed this time in Skalka, where the land sings with Her memory, it was a pleasure journeying with you.

pic 6“Just like an African bird in the Sun
take all your troubles and build a nest
lie on it and burn.

From the ashes of your pain
Rise up from your own deathbed
and do what you came to do this life time.” Unknown, African saying.

May we all rise at this time of Her deep holding, with the courage to integrate what we’ve been avoiding. Guided by Her wise, gentle, ancient Love, may our hearts find comfort and release, may our bones sing with life, warmed by the fire breath of the Goddess. May She ignite our remembering so we dare to be who we are.


pic 7November also saw the last meeting of the wonderful year 2 Priestess of Rhiannon.
The Tribe of Her love met once more to dance together in the ‘Her Loving surrender’ weekend, where we moved energetic form for the other in our body, opened to heart orgasm, riding and guiding the ecstatic waves, we attuned to the Sacred Source in the body and practiced holding the work of Love for the collective. Thank you courageous men and women, for trail-blazing Her Path of Love

This has been an extraordinary journey and a manifestation of the Healthy Village as the dance between Feminine and Masculine within the MotherWorld in action. I am pleased with the ease I feel and by the speed of the changes that are occurring almost as soon as awareness arises. I am grateful for the deepening journey, and delighted in the freedom. Freedom is wondrous and the Dragon is awake! I feel the shifting in so many of us in the profound places that matter as preparation for great joy and Her work for, with and through us. I’m deeply grateful to the wonderful wisdom, love, blessings and magic of all women and men of the Tribe of Rhiannon. There are now 6 more Sacred Sexual Priestesses willing, able and radiant with bringing Her love into being in this way and work Her medicine of Love in the world.

This training will run again in 2016, for women initiated as Priestesses of Rhiannon and men who have successfully journeyed the Brotherhood of Rhiannon path. Find out more by clicking on the links.


A week in Malta: late sunshine, ancient temples and Mediterranean food, swims and relaxation. What a joy to share some of my favourite places and treasures of the Goddess loving cultures of Europe.

pic 8 pic 9

We visited powerful star gate temples and deep places of undisturbed home-coming. Singing the stones and feeling the remembered shape of Her in the land and void space, bare foot walking the steps of the temple and dancing Her dreaming, kissing the temple floor: priestess heaven in the beautiful warm sunshine. The priestesses are returning and the temples sound with our loving invocations. November’s Malta Goddess Pilgrimage tour to the Temples of our ancestors was a blissful reunion with the Maiden/Mother/Crone temple of Mnajdra and other sacred sites. Many of us feel we’ve waited many lives for this and we all know it, feel it in the stones and in our bones: our feet have walked here, our voices have sounded here, we have served here: we are the Priestesses returning. There is such magic in these stones and the ancestors are close.

Oh Great Mother, you are the source and the return. I feel You, I thank You.
 During this trip, we toned and sang in Your underground temple, the ‘Hypogeum’, alive with love and honouring, vibrating into the spiralled walls and moon-carved caves and coming home deep in the sacred bone-stone places of our ancestors, stirring memory awake. Thank you Heloise Pilkington and sister priestesses for the utter joy of prayer, silence and song in the sound chamber of the temple. I’ve been longing for this since learning about these temples in my teens. Thank you for the beautiful alignment of masculine and feminine in the great Tarxien temple, and sacred sexual priestesses to share the exquisite ecstasy with. Gratitude from men who guide, hold, honour, repair and turn up. Gratitude to the women who hold, call in, live love, manifest, honour and celebrate.

pic 10 pic 11In Valletta’s Archeology museum we came face to face with Goddess treasure, vibrant after 5500 + years, powerfully spinning energy from behind their glass encasement; nothing ‘safe’ here, but radiating sweet presence to life/death/rebirth. Fertile and abundant, great spiral of life throughout time; and still holding the entrance sacred, so much is touched and re-made on this special island that has these ancient alive Goddess places for us all to come back to.

On Gozo I found the work of a fabulous Dutch Goddess researcher Veronica Veen. Feeling the great Yes with every line I read in her book ‘ The Goddess of Malta’ and resonating with this part about priestesses in particular: this is why we do what we do and are what we are.

pic 13“We can assume that first every woman, as a representative of the goddess, could play the role of priestess, but putting it in these terms would be splitting the sacred from the profane, something beyond thinkable in Neolithic times.
From this tradition women must have been active in the first temples where gradually certain specializations would have developed.
The building and structuring of temples required more and more organization. In this climate Individuals would have stepped forward with certain skills and taking certain responsibility.
pic 15—
Somewhere halfway in this development (of priestesses) we should place the famous, magnificent ‘Sleeping Lady’. 
This votive offering renders a woman/priestess, who perform the act of incubation and by doing so, becomes the Goddess herself, judging by her abundant goddess-like form and the specific markation on her skirt. She can perform this ritual for herself, but as woman acting as priestess, she will perform this ritual for other people, to be able to deliver oracles, to interpret dreams, to cure illness. 
In this case, we have here one of the finest priestess images ever.
 Apparently, monumentality can be achieved with the size of 7 by 14cm only.”

pic 14

pic 16I’ll be returning to Malta for another Goddess Pilgrimage 2015, March 16th to 22nd. This tour is full– if you’d like to make this pilgrimage with me, keep in touch trough the newsletter and website for dates in late 2015 and 2016.


Meanwhile I’m planning a June 2015 Crete Pilgrimage to Minoan Mystery sites and Goddess Memory: mixed group trip dates are 15th to 22nd . Who wants to come? More information in January as well as info on where to pay your deposit to secure your place for this popular pilgrimage here.

18a pic 19








Fleur Chetwynd came to stay for a few days in December and together we felt into the theme wanting to be birthed for the retreat on the magical Island of Pantelleria in September 2015. More information in the new year, but we are tuning to the theme of the primordial dreaming as being the space between things, where a single pointed light is born: an unrecognisable element (5th) that stands out as entirely unique in itself to work with on this magic land and within those drawn to come on the journey. There are limited places, so stay tuned! Dates are 14th to 20th September, Equinox week, 2015.

pic 20



Throughout the winter months the individual sessions are continuing in service to Rhiannon, Goddess of Love, and manifest significant changes in people who are committed to following their joy and facing their shadow. It is humbling and a real privilege to walk along side these brave seekers choosing to become more real and empowered, more alive and loving and to hold space for the unfolding of healing and soul’s destiny within the body.
This is what people have said about the sessions:
“My life has been transformed, I am changed, Katinka your tantric work is deeply and profoundly opening and healing at a soul and heart level, I feel Her Love rising in me and filling me as a constant flow, you are beautiful and that is reflected throughout, thank you with all my being” CDR

“You are such a wonderful, wise, loving, amazing sister and friend! The way you dug out the ‘real me’ from underneath layers of self doubt, feeling unworthy/not good enough, scared self image in just an hour or so, was totally mind blowing… I don’t think any therapist could have got that kind of result in weeks, months, years of therapy! I know I need to be challenged sometimes to be able to step our of my hiding places and you were not afraid to do that (in a loving and respectful way)! You are a true teacher”. MB

If you’d like to find out more about booking a session with me or would like to discuss what you’d like to work on in general, please see here for more information

Priestess of Rhiannon training years 1 and 3.
Soft Power evening workshops in Glastonbury

The first year Priestess of Rhiannon training meet for the weekend in which we learn from and connect to Rhiannon of Air. We work, explore, open our wings and look with great clarity to all old patterns of our lineage and our distorted behavior. We share and sound in praise and honour of Rhiannon of Air, Soul Song Singer, Lady of the magic birds, and of the sweet perfume of love.
This weekend we knew the Goddess alive in our body, and flew on wings of courage, singing Her name in Joy:

pic 21‘Once upon a time, when women were birds, there was the simple understanding that to sing at dawn and to sing at dusk was to heal the world through Joy. The birds still remember what we have forgotten; that the world is meant to be heralded and celebrated.’

December also saw the start of the winter months Tuesday evening Path of Rhiannon workshops. These drop in evenings are an opportunity to meet and connect to Rhiannon and Her teachings in a way more available to those for whom the year long training might be a commitment too far at this time, or for those who want to continue work between training spirals.

Soft Power – Path of Rhiannon evening one-off workshop

This evenings allows you to connect to the Illumination of your Radiance and Essence, great gifts of the Goddess. 
 In the still time of the year, these workshops let Rhiannon guide you into feeling your empowerment, showing you your purpose and finding ways to open to the soft power that is your Source Fire.
With breath and movement meditations, group and individual nurturing practices, pampering touch and sharing, we will remember the forgotten Archetype of the Elemental aspects of Rhiannon.

The next dates for the women’s evenings are 27th Jan, 10th Feb, 3rd March.
Dates for the men’s evenings are: 20th Jan, Feb 17th, March 10th.
Book your place here

This is the feedback from one of the women who attended:
“Oh my Goddess! Had the most amazing Rhiannon workshop with Katinka Soetens this evening. So much I learnt. There is me thinking I know Rhiannon – not a bit. Hearing the history of Her true roots, breathing with Rhiannon the soul song singer, learning about our essence, connecting so beautifully with other women in love and with trust. All under the careful and caring eyes of Priestess Katinka, a most wonderful teacher. I can not put in words all I felt today but thank you o’r galon ‘ from the heart, for all I experienced this evening. Lovely to be with loved friends and to meet more fabulous new friends. If you want to experience this incredible event, next one is on the 27 of January.”

pic 22The Solstice Dark Moon weekend was the first day of the Priestess of Rhiannon training year 3:
Practices of the Sacred Sexual Priestess. The start of the Modern Magdalene Mystery school program and a fabulous feeling to have 14 sisters co-weave the commitments of the workings for Her Field of Love. A real stepping up, a commitment to being more real, and to support our self and each other to be the change and do the practices, which take about 2 hours a day at present and which are specifically designed to ‘clean the vessel’ so we may become Her radiance to ever greater extend. May Rhiannon guide us sweetly, for this is a challenging and equally deliciously exciting journey.

If you want to connect in and experience some of the practices for yourself, why not join us and commit to doing the next ‘Soft power/Essence breath’ practice?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this newsletter. If so, please pass it along to your networks and friends and stay in touch by joining my mailing list. I wish you Solstice Blessings of Stillness and Sound, Darkness and Light, the Great Returning and the Surrender into the Void. May we dance it well, May we be held and supported on the Path of Love which spins in our cells and moves the stars.
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