Remembrance and funeral ceremony


At the time of the death of a loved one, the sacred space can be held for emotions to be felt and expressed and memories to be shared. Often this is what helps the family most in the mourning and adjustment to the change of circumstances.

At any time after the passing over of a loved one a remembrance ceremony can be held, but it is advisable to do so within the first 40 days after the event, while everyone is in the energy. However, sometimes it takes years before the family or relatives feel they can hold a remembrance ceremony. All your needs in this regard can be accommodated.
The funeral itself can be held ceremonially as well, wether you are choosing a more conventional, or a ‘green site’ burial or cremation, as priestess I will guide the ceremony,working with the elements to release and give thanks for the gift of life and return the beloved back into the arms of the Devine Source.

As Sacred Sexual Priestess, I also offers remembrance and releasing ceremonies for miscarriage, stillbirth and abortion. Tailored to your individual needs and lovingly held in sacred space, these offer opportunities for conscious completion, mourning and ultimately moving forward in an enriched manner, into life.

the child who was never born

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