Blessing Way Ceremony

Honouring pregnant women through the rite of passage of birth and motherhood

What is Blessing Way?

It is up to you how you want to interpret this ceremony and what you’d feel comfortable with and what is meaningful to you. Here follow suggestions from my point of view, to give you an idea about what you might like to incorporate.
Blessing Way Ceremonies are usually held towards the end of your pregnancy.

2013-06-29 16.28.39The roots of the Blessing Way ceremony are part of an ancient ritual of the Native American peoples, which since has become part of the empowerment of women everywhere. It is a way to tap into the roots of one’s soul and access the multiple layers of reality involved in pregnancy and birth, including fear and trust issues, hopes, expectations and acceptance. It is about healing our own birth stories in preparation for the arrival of our children and the surrender to love that is birth.

As a way of preparing for birth and parenthood, the Blessing Way ritualises the community’s support of the pregnant family; it focuses our strengths as women and as beings in which the elements are manifested. It gives the mother practise in accepting the focus of her Tribe as they honour her for being the one to bring forth new life.

By being in the sacred circle of the Blessing Way, the mother has the opportunity to experience the realisation that she is one with the great round of being, and how she is connected to her ancestors and to the next generation she is about to help come into the world.

Before the ceremony:

If possible keep a dream dairy in written or pictorial form.
Prepare yourself ceremoniously (e.g. bathe and wear special clothes). Wear your hair tied up.
All guests bring a gift with their wishes for mother and baby (this can be decided upon , for example beads, or left open, for example, a song, poem, dance, or more traditional baby items).
Ceremonial space will be created with attention to symbolic detail, for example all images or objects used will be conducive of creating/holding the energies of future spontaneous birth, in which elemental blessings and honouring will be held.
The Blessing Way Ceremony can include the making of a Belly-Cast, a plaster cast of your pregnant belly, for you to decorate and keep as a reminder of this special time before the birth of your baby.
Ceremonies often end with a feast to celebrate, together with your friends and family.

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