a rite of passage

Menarche: a word originally from Greek, meaning fist bleeding, Menarche now also indicates the ceremony to celebrate the rite of passage, the start of her moontime, and what this means to a young woman. With your Menarche, your first blood, you start the journey of learning what it is to become a woman. It is a natural initiation in the body and a sign of the maturing that is happening.

menarcheA new journey

Initiation means to begin, it is both an arrival, a letting go, and the start of a new journey; a true threshold, a true rite of passage. So a Menarche ceremony gives an opportunity to mark this special time by acknowledging that a girl is in transition and growing up. The witnessed celebration within held sacred space that is a Menarche Ceremony, provides the opportunity for mothers, aunts, sisters, grandmothers and other women in the girl’s life to let her know that they support her and celebrate her place amongst them. Often held within a ‘Red Tent’ or ‘Moonlodge’ setting, Menarche Ceremony helps to honour the journey of our female body and give space for women to share their wisdom around their experiences with menstruation and being women in their culture. Menarche Ceremonies are adaptable to the wishes and needs of the individual girl and her family, and provide a meaningful, sensitive ceremonial space to honour, celebrate and ease this life transition. It provides a fun and joyous opportunity for making a girl feel special and feel welcomed by her female relatives and friends.

What people have said about Menarche


“I’ve always wanted a Menarche Ceremony. When I was 10 years old Katinka held one for me.
I walked into the room, where everyone was sitting. I felt so special! The ceremony was very encouraging and very helpful, thanks to Katinka. Everyone blessed me with the power of one of the four elements. In the end, I wore my new dress and Katinka gave me a crown, on which she put symbols and gifts. I also got a box with lovely notes from my beloved ones, and I still read them every month.” Natalie Salek

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