Hand fasting

Marriage Blessing Ceremony/Celtic Hand Fasting


A Celtic Wedding or Handfasting is a ceremony from out indigenous spirituality, designed to celebrate the marriage, partnership or relationship of loving couples. Many people are choosing to celebrate this way as it allows them the choice and freedom to be part of designing their own ceremony, to make it meaningful and unique to themselves, and to have it held by a Priestess of the Goddess who will create sacred space for your special moment. A Hand-Fasting or marriage blessing ceremony is a commitment of love. It is a ceremony in which you share this commitment you have for each other and are witnessed in taking the step into sharing life consciously as a loving couple.

As a Priestess of Avalon and Priestess of Rhiannon I am available to discuss your wishes and help you design your hand-fasting based on the Avalonean tradition. The ceremony will be based on Elemental Blessings and can include a hand-tying, exchange of rings and/or leaping over the broom, should you so wish. As ceremonialist I use the following outline for hand-fasting ceremonies but i am very open to discuss and include other elements important to you and your beloved. Children, family members and friends can all be given roles or asked for contributions during the ceremony, such as the reading of poems, song or music, blessing with rose petals, confetti etc or blowing bubbles.


Calling in the Directions and the Elements And Invocation of the Divine Energies By the ceremonialist.

Cleansing by Air: Cleansing of the couple with incense and blessings of the breath of presence and ancestors. Telling the tale of how you first met.

Purification by Fire: Encircling you with candle flame and blessings of the fire of love and passion. Asking for the gifts of Fire in your relationship together and confession of your love to each other.

Gifting by Water: Sharing a chalice of holy spring waters and Blessing with water of the flow of life, emotion, love and abundance. Exchange of solemn Vows written by yourselves / exchange of rings.

Grounding by Earth: Blessing of manifestation of love, abundance, fertility and the commitment to each other. Exchange of Rings and / or hand -fastening with ribbons binding in all the Qualities you wish to include in your marriage.


Centre: Blessing ribbons and well wishes from all your loved ones present. Sharing of the fruit of life. Possible embodyment of the goddess to Bless your union.

Closing Blessing: Jumping over the broom into your new life Closing of the Directions.

It is usual for the hand fastening ceremony to end with feasting of food and dance/music to celebrate.

As Priestess of the Goddess of Love, I am experienced, comfortable and able to create sacred space and help you hold the hand-fasting ceremony in which ever setting or venue you choose for this event.

handfasting 11This is your very personal ceremony, which will be witnessed by your loved ones.
It is important to think about what you want (what are you doing it for / what is your purpose), where you want to hold this Hand fastening, and which Divine or Nature Energies are important to you to be invoked for you.

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