Naming Ceremony

Baby Naming Ceremony

This is a ceremony to welcome your baby into your wider family and community, usually held within the first year of the life of your baby. A beautiful opportunity to ceremonially have your commitment and well wishes witnessed for your baby marked and supported by your family and circle of friends. You are not only introducing your baby by name to them but may also want to mark your commitment to their welfare and to them as significant people in your lives. The Baby Naming is also an Elemental blessing for your baby, connecting them deeply to the spiritual realm in this life.

190961_10151103517609821_495803190_oYou might also wish to take the opportunity of including older children in a ceremony. A Baby naming ceremony is most often held in the home of a family member or close friend, or sometimes out at a significant place of importance for the family, such as a sacred site or favourite spot in the land. A Baby Naming can be held in- or out side, and is an opportunity for the wider community to be involved as well.

As priestess of Avalon, I will be available to help you choose the words which you feel best express your hopes and promises and I will create and hold the sacred space for the Elemental Blessings of the Ceremony. You may wish to include loved ones, including siblings of the baby who’s ceremony it is, and any ‘Goddess / Odd-Parents’ you may have chosen for your child as guardians. Together we will plan the ceremony that is right for your family and your situation, as short or as long as you like (bearing in mind the attention span of small children). Usually, a Baby Naming is one of the shorter ceremonies.

Below an outline of the Naming Blessings spoken at a Baby Naming Ceremony for a girl with Downs Syndrome after her difficult start to life.

Blessings for a Naming Ceremony:

“Our blessings to you lovely one, how lucky we are to have you in our lives!

We bring you tokens of the elements, as they combine in you in their unique way, may they bless, guide and protect you always.

For Air, a feather and sparkly incense, the blessings of stillness and song, of the deep memories and the connection to your ancestors, and of inspiration, imagination and great ideas and the breath and connection between all things and beings.

For Fire, a candle and sparkler, the blessing of fun, friendship, courage, dance, love and new beginnings, of the fires of stars to light your nights and fires of sun to warm your days, fire of your brave heart to guide your way and fires of the deep earth to hold you safe.

For Water, two shells, one the spiral of life, one the chalice of healing, the blessing of healing and compassion, of all emotions and the balance between them, of being one with the flow of life’s energies, of intuition and dancing in the moonlight.

For Earth, a crystal and a little dragon, for grounding and manifestation, for walking in balance on the Earth, for abundance, for family and friends and great food, for following your own unique path as you journey through your life, for connection to plants and animals and for the blessings of the hidden magical creatures that surround you.

And finally this book, for you to draw, paint, write, dream and create in, representing the fifth element Spirit/Space: deep knowing, love, and the shine of your own unique soul-light in the world, with all the blessings of the Great Mystery, of the Devine Beings who surround you, May these help you to find your own way protected, blessed and guided always.

Wonderful light being N., we all love you and give you big hugs, cuddles and kisses, and we welcome you into this, your loving family and community which will hold, support, teach and celebrate you, as we have heard here today spoken by so many who love you.”

Hayley Goleniowska: “Katinka, I was driven to find this piece as N. is achieving so much of what we initially wished for her… Reading it again I see that it can be a positive reminder to us all in difficult times about what is important.”

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