On the importance of initiation ceremony

On the importance of initiation ceremony Initiation means to start, to become part of, to be admitted as a member of a group, to be given secret knowledge, and to have power or right to take action as part of that group. Initiation ceremony is the marker of this start or the becoming part of […]

Newsletter December 2014

Misty milky moonlight, wood smoke and fire works The cold clear night draws it’s dark cloak around the town and the season turns into remembrance, empty bare bones and release. Deep dreaming ancestral altars holds the stillness in silver peace, while glowing candles illuminate the gold that hides within. These are Dragon days for me, […]

Newsletter October 2014

Newsletter October 2014 As the wheel of the year turns to the dark months in a blaze of colour, the trees teach us their yearly lesson in how to let go with grace, and leaves dance their joy down into the embrace of the Earth. It is time for introspection, taking stock, and reflecting on […]

Ejaculation control and the movement of the Universe

Ejaculation control and the movement of the Universe In my work as sexual healer I am gifted with many moments of beauty, deep connection to source and insights that seem worth sharing from time to time. In this blog, I’d like to speak from the place of intuition, from our ancient body wisdom, from the […]

Keep in Touch

I hope that we can connect either via a session, a workshop, a training, a ceremony or in the dance! I am travelling on a regular basis so if you don’t hear from me straight away, it is very likely I am at a place where there is no wi-fi connection. However I do check my emails regularly so I will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.