On feeding your dragon/monsters

On feeding your dragon/monsters "He who fights with monsters should be careful, lest he thereby become a monster." I've been fighting my mind-monsters lately. Last night was quite a battle, one in which i really had to pull on some resources to remind myself 'which wolf/monster i'm feeding'. I'm sure many here are familiar with [...]

My thoughts on the ‘me too’ Facebook campaign

Something interesting is happening with the ‘metoo’ Facebook campaign. The rage of the silenced majority is rising in the hope that the cry of ‘no more’ will facilitate much needed change in our numb acceptance of a rather sick status quo around sexual abuse and misuse of power. It comes as no surprise to anyone […]

Equinox Blessings

Latest News The harvest energy of the Autumn Equinox is the perfect time to take stock of what we are manifesting in our lives, how we operate on a daily basis, evaluate where we leak energy, get caught up in in distractions, need to increase joy, where we waste our precious time, or where we […]

Dragon mythology as Goddess wisdom

Are you dreaming of Dragons? Are the Dragon lines that snake through this land calling to you? Is the Dragon of the singing power points where these ancient energy currents cross and unite, alive in your body and remembering? If we allow ourselves to imagine dragons, what feelings arise within us? Are we drawn to […]

Spring News 2017

Blessings as the land begins to awaken to spring and blossom celebrates the longer day length, and the blackbird’s renewed song at dawn and dusk heralds in new beginnings. I love this time of the year when the first fragile green breaks open on willow and thorn trees. Cheerful yellow daffodils echo the sunlight’s bright […]

Tribal Honour & Responsibility

Tribal Honour and Responsibility On one of my recent dates I found myself disagreeing with the man I was meeting when we spoke about the ‘tribal nature’ of the struggle for, and the natural progression into conflict to have access to and procession of resources as a normal part of human behaviour. To me patriarchal […]

Beltane Blessings

Beltane Blessings As the wheel of the year turns and we journey deeper into the mysteries with each passing season, Beltane opens me to the experiences of love and aliveness. I feel greater sensuality with the warming sun and lengthening days that have returned to Her lands here in Avalon.   I hear the Goddess […]

Stories, fairy tales and myths as wisdom keeping places

Stories, fairy tales and myths as wisdom keeping places (Snow White) Fairy tales are Goddess stories. Like folk songs, dances, customs, embroidery and paint patterns, this is where Goddess wisdom was hidden in the time of the Great Forgetting. In particular when a fairy tale contains the colours ‘White, Red, Black, as well as significant magical […]

The work of a Priestess in this time of Violence

The work of a Priestess in this time of Violence It is difficult to stay committed to the Path of Love and the practises of peace, when bombs and acts of terror, unlawful actions by individuals and governments, war and violence are profoundly current and in the foreground of our awareness and trigger reactions and […]

Keep in Touch

I hope that we can connect either via a session, a workshop, a training, a ceremony or in the dance! I am travelling on a regular basis so if you don’t hear from me straight away, it is very likely I am at a place where there is no wi-fi connection. However I do check my emails regularly so I will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.